Anil Scientico

Roller Hearth Furnace

Situated in Uttar Pradesh, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the domestic and international markets as the Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of the top-tier Roller Hearth Furnaces. Designed with impeccability, our Roller Hearth Furnaces fall in line with the established industry standards. Made to perform for a long time, we mold these Furnaces in client’s desired specifications to serve them to the utmost.


Specifications :

  • Working Temperature  up to RT to 1400 0C

  • Tailor made sizes as per the customer requirement

  • KANTHAL or Silicon Carbide Furnace heating element

  • 1°C accuracy at dwell temp

  • Rapid heating rate(1 to 20°C/min) Time and Temperature programmable PID Controller

  • Suitable for body, glaze, stain, frit  and raw material testing.

  • Indigenized problem free design

  • LIBRATHERM phase control thyrister controller

  • Nippon PID programmable digital temperature indicator cum controller