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Portable Electrical Incinerator

Customers can consider our name, if they are looking for the top class bio-medical waste treatment equipment. The quality-tested components are used for compiling it as per pre-established industry norms. Its compact size and reliable performance makes our Portable Electrical Incinerator high in demand among the buyers. Portable Electrical Incinerator is available in different technical specifications, at cost effective market prices.


More about Portable Electrical Incinerator :
Portable Incinerator is most effective Bio-Medical Waste Treatment equipment for every small Nursing Home, Blood Bank & Small Hospital. It is portable in nature, which can easily place in a small space in a corner of building. The unit is designed for quick and safe disposal. WORKING PRINCIPLE: Furnace type Associated with Burning refuse. Used simple brick –lined enclosures. Consisting of Dual chambers. Works on thermal destruction using controlled combustion chamber; combustion is controlled and provides enough heat to destroy the waste into disposable state. CONSTRUCTION: Combustion chamber is well insulated and has high temperature safe dozing and exhaust system. It has long and safe treatment of flew gases for safe disposal through long stack. Temperature of Burning Chamber upto 850°C and for secondary chamber 1000°C. Pollution Control device is fitted on top fitted with stack and whole unit is mounted on sturdy wheels. CONTROL PANEL: Panel is fitted with two sets of Electronic Digital Temperature Indicator Cum Controllers Workable on Single Phase/ Three Phase A.C. supply.


Chamber capacity and Size-ASCO-IF

Electrical Incinerator Furnace Type - 5Kg capacity

Chamber size 12”X12”X24”, 9 KW (three phase)

Electrical Incinerator Furnace Type - 7.5Kg capacity

Chamber size 18”X18”X18”, 12 KW (three phase)

Electrical Incinerator Furnace Type - 10Kg capacity

Chamber size 18”X18”X18”, 15 KW (three phase)