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Box Type Muffle Furnace

We are the foremost Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Box Type Muffle Furnace. Box Type Muffle Furnace is mainly used in chemical analysis, physical decomposition and synthesis, super hard materials (such as ceramic), rare and precious metal smelting and purification, metal heat treatment of sintering process research and other scientific experiments. Box Type Muffle Furnace is widely used in universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, medical and health, petroleum chemical industry, mining enterprise, quality and technology supervision agencies, and other unitsテ「 laboratory.

  • ASCO-SUPER-1600 series box furnace adopts platinum rhodium thermocouple type B, so temperature measurement precision is high.
  • Muffle furnace chamber of the use of advanced lightweight aluminum oxide material molding, traditional muffle furnace compared the weight, reduce 40%. Heat preservation effect is good, temperature increase speed increased a times, save energy.
  • Use double deck ventilation cooling structure, muffle furnace work in high temperature, and the furnace shell surface keep low temperature, avoid scald the operating personnel, safety is greatly increased.
  • The 16 period of programmable intelligent digital temperature controller control temperature, high degree of automation, convenient operation.
  • Can be installed computer communication module and RS485/RS232 communication interface, to realize the remote control. MAKE A GRAPH BETWEEN TIME AND TEMPERATURE.

  • Gravimetric analysis
  • Sintering or Roasting or Forging or calcining
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Heat treating or Preheating;
  • Quenching or Hardening or Austempering
  • Annealing or Tempering or Normalizing
  • Stress Relieving
  • Temperature measurement

  • ASCO-1200
  • ASCO-SUPER-1400
  • ASCO-SUPER-1600(1600 high temperature laboratory furnace with SUPER KANTHAL / MoSi2 heater)
  • ASCO-SUPER-1800(1800 high temperature laboratory furnace with MoSi2 heater)

ASCO-1200/1400/1600/1800 box type muffle furnace of Conventional model

Chamberテつsize (Wテ幽テ優テつmm)WorkテつpoerFurnaceテつdoorテつopenテつway
100x100x100AC 1-phaseテつテつFrontテつtoテつrightテつopenテつorテつleftテつopen
150x150x150テつFront to Up open or down open
200x200x200Front to right open or down open テつ
300x300x400AC 3-phaseFrontテつtoテつrightテつopenテつorテつleftテつopen